Prom season and graduation season are the most dangerous times of the year for high school seniors. Graduation is a time to celebrate, but before high school seniors attend parties, parents need to be involved to help keep them safe. Research has shown that the biggest danger teens face on graduation night is an automobile collision, either because the driver has been drinking, is tired, or is distracted by other teens in the car. Teens learn about safe driving from their parents, so it is necessary that parents model responsible driving behavior. Also, teenagers who report regular, open communication with their parents about important issues are more likely to try to meet their parents’ expectations about appropriate behavior. So what can parents do to help keep graduation safe? Several tips have been established for parents of graduating seniors; these include: Discuss rules for graduation night, household rules as well as rules of law, and let your child know the consequences for violating the rules. Talk with your teen ahead of time about the plan for the evening, including curfew. Know who is driving, and encourage seat belt use. Communicate with other parents about post-graduation activities and join with them to organize a safe, substance-free option for the graduates. Make sure your child has a charged cell phone and let your child know you can be called if the situation feels unsafe. Keep your cell phone near you in case you do receive a call. Stay up until your child comes home. Graduates need to know you will be waiting for their safe arrival. Do not be afraid to be the parent who does not allow, condone, accept, or provide alcohol to underage teens. Drinking by teens can put them and their friends in real danger. A well-deserved celebration should not end in tragedy.