How do you know if you should go to therapy? Do you need to be in crisis? Do you have to have more problems than your friends or family? Is participating in psychotherapy a sign that you are weak, or that you’re ‘crazy’? Do you only start therapy if you need medication? The answer to all of these questions, fortunately, is NO. People choose to go to psychotherapy when they realize that they want to feel better, and that they deserve to feel better. Struggling with the stress and pressures of life, whether you are old or young, single or married, employed or searching for work, is draining. We are each like a well. Each time someone comes to a well to draw water, the well becomes more depleted, and loses more of its reserve. Eventually, if that well is not replenished, it is empty, and it is incapable of providing any more water to anyone. We respond in the same way. While we may find joy in our relationships, the obligations we have to our family, friends, coworkers, and jobs are also draining. At times, we feel like we just cannot give anymore to anyone. We may feel irritable, exhausted, or resentful of others’ requests of us. We are just drained. Psychotherapy is a way to replenish yourself, to refill your well. It is a gift you give yourself, a time when you refill yourself through your involvement with your therapist. And it is a time when you learn how to replenish yourself outside of the therapy room. Therapists listen, understand, guide, and support their clients on their life journeys. Should you go to therapy? You should if you believe you deserve to feel better about yourself and happier with your life.