Anne E. Whitted, MA, LCMHC

Hi! I am a Wilmington native and a lover of travel, music, concerts, and all things about the beach! While the journey of therapy can be scary at first, I am known for making the process a little easier by meeting you where you are, finding your strengths, and implementing some coping skills to help you on your journey to wellness.

I utilize an approach that incorporates strategies from several different therapeutic modalities. My “jam,” however, is mindfulness based therapy that helps you look at yourself and the world with a little less judgment and an increased ability to live in the moment and accept it for what it is.

I ask for feedback from all of my clients because it is VERY important that you are getting what you need. I am a very direct therapist and don’t “beat around the bush.” I treat my clients as I would myself and I want to find the issues, find some things to use, and put them into work and get on with my journey!

Emily Graham, MSEd, LCMHC

Hi! I am Emily and have been with Sand Dollar Wellness since the day the doors opened! I am a military wife, a mom of five, and a lover of all things theater. I have a passion for being a counselor and have continued to work limited hours while trying to homeschool children.

I have a direct approach to therapy and pull from therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy. I am known to bring humor into my sessions because I believe that laughter heals the soul even when things may seem to be difficult.

I also enjoy working with couples and families to help build the communication and unity within the family as a whole.

*Telehealth sessions only

Jennifer Whitley, MA, LCHMC-A

Hello! I am Jennifer and I started working with SDWC as an intern and have stayed on part-time to work with several clients. I live near Wilmington and currently also work for a local company that assists other counselors with getting their continuing education credits.

My passion is working with young adolescents and teens to help them learn coping skills and be able to utilize these as they grow in our current cultural climate. I have experience with many different therapeutic modalities with our younger generation and enjoy finding out what works best for them.

*Telehealth sessions only

Amy Waldbillig, PhD, LCSW

Hey! I am Amy and I have worked with Sand Dollar Wellness for a couple of years after moving from Virginia. I have a love for horses and have recently started riding lessons again to help detox my mind at the end of a long week!

I pride myself on working with children and young adults and I implement numerous strategies that I feel are better for the younger generation in a therapy session. I have experience with children and parents going through pre and post-adoption and have worked directly in programs tailored for this population.

I am fun-loving and enjoy getting into art and play therapy with my clients. We will figure out what works best for you and utilize it to help you on your recovery journey!

*Currently Telehealth only 02/26/2021 – in office coming soon!

Melissa Stokes, MSW, LCSW

Hi! I am Melissa and started working at Sand Dollar right around the time that the pandemic hit! It didn’t stop me! I love spending time with my dog, Lupin, and reading outside of the office.

In my previous job I worked primarily with children and young adults but I have recently opened my practice to include all ages. I feel that private practice has allowed me to grow my skills and enjoy working with anyone who wants to start, or continue, on a wellness journey. Working with me is client-centered and I will meet you where you are and find the skills that help you the most.

*Telehealth and In office appointments available

Sheila Flynn, MA, LCMHC

Hey everyone! I am Sheila and have been working with SDWC for a couple of years. I am a motorcycle rider outside of work and enjoy everything about being on the road!

I work with all ages and find myself enjoying the diversity of my case load. I primarily utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness based approaches but pull from other modalities when needed. My clients and I work together on personalized goals for therapy and I love walking beside my clients on their journey!

*Telehealth and In-Office Sessions available